Welcoming Jimena Renée Luna as our new VP of Customer Integration, Emerging Markets

We are proud to announce that Jimena Renée Luna will be joining JANZZ.technology as our new VP of Customer Integration, Emerging Markets. She will be responsible for all accounts in LATAM, EMEA and Southeast Asia.

Jimena is well-established and highly experienced in advising client governments and international organizations on tech policy, job creation, and economic development. Throughout her career, she has worked 10+ years designing and implementing related projects with teams across Latin America, Europe and Africa. At the World Bank, she performed research on labor markets and launched innovative solutions for job creation. In addition, she has worked for the U.S. CIO at the White House on digital policies to improve how citizens and businesses interact with government – helping to close the gap between the public and private sector on technology and innovation. More recently, she has worked on projects in Africa to promote the digital economy and digital development.

Jimena is enthusiastic about the job matching products and digital solutions offered by Swiss-based JANZZ.technology to clients around the world. She is confident that digital platforms, big data, and AI will drive the economy of the future. At a time when the world is facing a digital transformation and changes to the labor market, she is excited by the opportunity to work directly with global clients to provide them with digital solutions for job creation.

Jimena will be joining us on May 15. She will start working from Washington, DC, and then transfer to our headquarters in Zurich at a later date. We look forward to seeing Jimena applying her experience, enthusiasm and professionalism to our mission to better serve our clients.

Feel free to reach out to Jimena via email at j.luna@janzz.technology . She is fluent in English, French, and Spanish and will be happy to answer any questions you might have.