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Our knowledge base contains information, interesting facts and selected articles on the latest trends and current developments on global labor markets and in the world of semantic technologies relating to human resources and recruitment, occupation (big) data and ontologies / knowledge graphs, job classifications, CV parsing, skills and job matching and much more. aplies explainable AI solutions

Humans can hardly understand the algorithms used for machine learning and text-driven artificial intelligence applications: How and why decisions are made? Are the results fair, transparent and explainable enough? Are the results biased in one way or another?

Explainable Artificial Intelligence is fundamental for our clients and users to understand the results of our matching tools.
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Guarantee fair opportunities for everyone

Today in 2020, still not a single country can claim to have achieved gender equality in the workplace. Unconscious bias, stereotypes and prejudices happen more frequently than we think. Studies show that when the recruiting process is anonymous the bias is effectively reduced. has always been devoted to inclusive hiring since its foundation in 2008.
The International Women’s day is the day to commemorate how far we have come towards gender equality, but also to remind us how far away we are from the goal.   » Read more about: Guarantee fair opportunities for everyone  » – providing semantic technologies powered by ontology

If we ask a computer to translate the English sentence “the box is in the pen” into other languages, it will most likely interpret the word “pen” as the object we use to write with, this being the more frequently used meaning. But then the sentence will be nonsensical because, as we know, a larger object cannot be inside a smaller one.

Language processing or natural language processing is a much bigger challenge in AI than,  » Read more about: – providing semantic technologies powered by ontology  »

Improve your skills-based matching with JANZZsme!

In today’s digital world, computers can analyse competences and work experience faster and more effectively than humans. JANZZsme! powered by ontology transforms data about education, training, work experience and specialisation. Which helps governments and organisations to broaden their talent pool.

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How can JANZZon! help your data?

To structure large amounts of data, combines its ontology (JANZZ.on!) with deep learning models.

JANZZ ontology is the largest and multilingual in the area of occupation data. Therefore, if you are a company, organisation, government/public employment service and would like to empower your data, please write to  » Read more about: How can JANZZon! help your data?  »