Mastering Occupation Data

Occupation Data

Our in-depth technology consulting services and state-of-the-art
semantic solutions empower you to take control of your job and skills
(big) data and gain truly actionable insights easily and effectively.

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Turn big data into smart data

big data into
smart data

Our knowledge-driven solutions turn your unstructured job and
skills data into valuable smart data: comparable, validated, and enriched
with intelligent metadata. Unlock the full potential of your data and
advance to truly evidence-based action.

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JANZZon! Ontology

Powerful job and
skills ontology

At the heart of our technologies: the worldwide most comprehensive
multilingual knowledge representation for job-related data. Hand curated
by experts, learning and growing continuously to provide the human
knowledge that makes AI technology truly intelligent.

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classification tools

From no-frills classification of job titles to parsing and structuring
complex datasets in up to 27 categories and multiple classifications systems,
our family of highly performant, customizable classifiers will meet
your every need.

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JANZZilms! Integrated Labor Market Solutions

Integrated labor
market solution

A fully customizable family of tools to cover the entire spectrum of
effective employment services of any size and budget. Built on cutting-edge
semantic technology and explainable AI.

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JANZZsme! Smart Matching Engine

search and match

Highly performant semantic matching, gap analysis and
benchmarking based on bias-free explainable AI technology.
Instantly and precisely connecting people, businesses,
jobs, projects and training.

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LMI technologies – Capture, measure, understand, foresee

Capture, measure,
understand, foresee.

Leverage our in-depth expertise and state-of-the-art LMI technologies
to minimize surprise and make better, data-based decisions for
the labor markets and talent pools of today, tomorrow and the day
after tomorrow.

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First port of call for
unstructured HR data.

An unparalleled semantic parser for job postings, resumes and more.
Accurately extracts, annotates and organizes all relevant information, providing
smart data for job/candidate screening, search and matching, HR reporting
and analytics, classification and other insightful processing.

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Education & Skills Development

Education &
skills development

Skills assessments, gap analyses, training recommendations, job and skills
forecasting, and more for individuals, businesses, employment and career guidance
services, and educational institutions. Leverage our state-of-the-art technologies
to grow and advance your workforce from within.

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Solutions for Public Employment Services

solutions for Public
Employment Services

Take giant strides toward transparency, efficiency, accountability and
a well-functioning labor market with our in-depth technology
consulting services and multilingual modular solutions built on cutting-edge
semantic technologies and explainable AI.

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Labor & Workforce Development

Labor & workforce

From parsing, classifying and matching over analytics and foresight modeling
to advanced talent management and labor market information systems,
take advantage of our consulting expertise and best-in-class XAI solutions to
develop a thriving, resilient workforce.

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Mature, high-performance and scalable products and SaaS/DaaS solutions: JANZZon!, the multilingual ontology of occupation-related data, JANZZparser!, the cutting-edge semantic parsing tool, JANZZsme!, the intelligent, semantic matching engine, JANZZclassifier!, the ultimative, automated classification tool, and, the global matching portal for jobs, skills and talents.

State-of-the-art Solutions
for Public Employment Services’s services and software solutions for Public Employment Services empower PES to take giant strides in terms of transparency, efficiency and accountability in skills and job matching, and the increasingly important adoption of AI-based semantic technologies. We provide you with the most reliable, state-of-the-art solutions for Public Employment Services to accurately match jobseekers to suitable jobs and generate the smart data you need to design and implement active labor market policies (ALMPs) based on sound labor market intelligence. And at every step of the project, we also offer excellent consulting services – from optimized requirement engineering to sustainable change management – to ensure maximum benefit from scalable, lasting solutions that perfectly combine technologies and expert knowledge.

Interpretable AI in HR tech: the only way of understanding machine decisions

JANZZparser! – our cutting-edge semantic extraction tool for CVs and job advertisements

JANZZparser! is the best choice for parsing unstructured occupation data such as job advertisements or CVs. By combining our comprehensive multilingual knowledge graph JANZZon! with state-of-the-art deep learning models, JANZZparser! extracts all relevant information and sorts it into meaningful categories for use in skills and job matching, HR analysis, classification and other insightful processing. Available as a cloud service via API, our parser supports 60+ languages. It can extract information from every common format, including doc, docx, pdf, html, xhtml, rtf, json, txt and more. Unlike other parsers on the market, JANZZparser! can also deal with the increasingly visual design of CVs. For instance, it can parse information from graphical elements such as stars and bars describing levels of skills. Watch our demo and discover the far-reaching possibilities of JANZZparser!.

Free online test tool – Seeing is believing.

Don’t just believe us. Convince yourself of the outstanding performance of our products. Test them on your own data for free.

For the smart classification
of your data: JANZZclassifier!

JANZZclassifier! is the ultimate tool for the easy and automated classification of your data. JANZZclassifier! analyzes complex sets of occupation-related data, like job title, skills, function or industry, and annotates them with intelligent and standardized meta-data. Over 80 official classification systems are available, such as O*NET, ISCO-08, BO&C, CIP 2020, CPME 2016 or ASOC and further standardized occupation titles and skills. JANZZclassifier! thereby enhances the quality of your data and creates the ideal starting point for further processes such as benchmarking, matching or statistical analyses. 
Mastering Occupation Data. is a technology and consulting company active in the field of bidirectional semantic skills and job matching, and in the use of complex occupation and skills data. It offers standard and white-label products and SaaS/DaaS solutions for the modelling, analysis, and use of big data on job portals, by public employment services, and on companies’ own job sites. Using the latest semantic technologies to precisely match qualifications and hard and soft skills across different languages, it aims to considerably alleviate the matching problems associated with asymmetric search mechanisms in job markets. The solutions offered by excel through their cognitive computing approach and effectively turn big data into smart data. Our products and solutions follow the OECD Principles on Artificial Intelligence (AI). uncovers

What’s a skill? What’s the difference between semantic and keyword-based matching? In our Uncovers series, you will find answers to some of the most important questions we ALL face today about occupation data. We wish you illuminating moments while watching our videos.

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