State-of-the-art Solutions for Public Employment Services provides comprehensive AI-driven solutions and services tailored to the needs of public employment services (PES) across the globe. As governments embark on the journey of digital transformation, PES seek suitable solutions to support them in the increasingly important role they play in job matching, enhancing employability, addressing skill gaps and providing career guidance. Our products not just address the core task of PES, i.e. matching supply and demand on the labor market. Instead we provide tools and data that support the entire spectrum of public employment services.

“The task of PES today goes beyond helping jobseekers find employment and firms fill vacancies. It also involves aligning skill supply and demand in the labor market, provision of labor market information, and the design and implementation of ALMPs for both job seekers and employers.” (WAPES/IDB)’s services and software solutions empower PES to take giant strides in terms of transparency, efficiency and accountability in skills and job matching, as well as the increasingly important adoption of AI-based semantic technologies. We cannot create jobs, but we can provide you with the most reliable, state-of-the-art tools to accurately match jobseekers to suitable jobs and generate the smart data you need to design and implement active labor market policies based on sound labor market intelligence. And not only that, drawing on our extensive experience, we also offer a wide range of excellent consulting services at every step of the project. From optimized requirement engineering to sustainable change management – we ensure maximum benefit from scalable, lasting solutions that perfectly combine technologies and expert knowledge.

Key benefits

JANZZ software solutions for Public Employment Services are a natural choice, providing user-friendly features and clear benefits for all stakeholders:

  • Comprehensive employment services from jobseeker profiling and gap analyses over career counseling to job placement. All in self-service or through employment consultants, supported by smart features that help achieve the best possible profile and data quality.
  • Cutting-edge job search and matching software that takes the full jobseeker and vacancy profiles into account to accurately match the right candidates to the right jobs – significantly improving job placement suggestions and always explaining the results for maximum transparency.
  • From vacancy registration to hiring the right candidate: An easy to use, end-to-end recruitment process for employers establishing efficient application processes that can be integrated in existing ATS and HRM tools.
  • Proven performance and stability in handling high-volume transactions, as well as consistent service delivery through centralized software and processes in secure environments.

By bringing together all players in the labor market, our modular solutions present PES with the perfect opportunity to improve customer service through collaboration, transparency and efficiency while modernizing their technology, reducing costs and optimizing processes.

Our solutions for Public Employment Services

For PES that want to set up a system from scratch as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible, our white label solution bundle is a great option. The white label products are developed by JANZZ and rebranded according to the customer’s specifications. This complete, pragmatic solution has a very short time to market and high agility and scalability. It is perfect for PES with tight budgets and little to no previously existing solutions or infrastructure.

Alternatively, for PES looking to upgrade systems already in place, JANZZ offers modular back-end solutions. They can easily be connected to existing systems and provide many of the same features as the white label solution. All JANZZ’s products are modular, fully customizable, flexible and scalable to perfectly adapt to the needs of PES of all sizes.

Two successful solutions for public employment services

The many features of the full bundle include:

Semantic, unbiased search and match

Our state-of-the-art matching engine JANZZsme! uses context-based, semantic technology to search and match candidates and jobs according to skills, competences, work experience, education, and many more relevant criteria – delivering accurate results almost instantly.

In line with the OECD principles on AI, our matching is fair and non-discriminatory. Our systems thus produce completely unbiased results. This guarantees that the best candidate with the best aptitude in all individual criteria achieves the best match – regardless of origin, age, gender or other personal characteristics. On the other hand, the matching results can be actively filtered and ranked to meet special criteria, e.g. according to active labor market policies (ALMPs), etc.

Gap analyses and career guidance

The matching engine also provides clear and informative explanations on matches. This helps jobseekers not only identify gaps in their skills, competences, work experience, education, salary expectations, etc. It also helps them better understand their opportunities in the labor market, providing a basis for training and up- or reskilling plans. This can be done together with employment consultants or in self-service. We also provide tailored profiling and career guidance tools with integrated skills assessments and other relevant tests. The selection is based on the customer’s preferences and can include methods developed by the customer. In addition, our systems can be configured to make specific training suggestions for skill improvement based on local, regional, national or online offerings.

Gap analyses also help companies better understand the workforce supply, creating opportunities to adapt their requirements and expectations.

Analytics and reports

The JANZZdashboard! provides PES with advanced and meaningful insights into user data and the platform. This includes skill gaps, education/experience gaps, or workforce gaps identified by comparing supply and demand. These insights can be reliably used to monitor the effects of active labor market policies and measures. Jobseekers and vacancies can be classified and segmented based on multiple criteria, creating a sound basis for implementing targeted ALMPs.

Data aggregation is highly configurable with advanced filtering, design and customization options. It can be delivered in numerous types of reports as well as made available to third-party BI systems.

Imports and document management

The JANZZparser! can be used to import CVs/resumes as well as job vacancies from external sources. It can extract up to 50 entities including occupations, skills, experience, education, location and many more. The CV/resume parser can be used to simplify the registration process for jobseekers. Many modern CVs are increasingly adopting the look and feel of social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Xing or even Instagram, etc. They thus look more like multi-page infographics than a text-based, clearly structured ATS-readable document. Our CV parser is possibly the only one on the market that can cope with these increasingly visual designs.

Many other documents can be uploaded to the user’s profile in many different formats: reference letters, diplomas, pictures, work samples and much more. This way, jobseekers can make their entire application portfolio available to PES consultants and potential employers – at their own discretion.

Smart suggestions and typeaheads

Our systems provide intelligent suggestions, additions and recommendations wherever possible — not only during the initial data entry, but in all activities and data updates. This ensures high usability and support all users (jobseekers, businesses and employment consultants). After registration, the system assists with many far-reaching CRM functions, alerts and notifications, tips and ideas.

These controllable typeaheads and suggestions have proven the best way to achieve not only the best possible profile quality. It also generates very high, error-free and specific data quality in all data acquisition processes and inputs.

Privacy, security and accessibility

On the platform itself, users have absolute ownership of their personal profiles. Each user can control whether, when and to whom their personal data is made accessible.

More generally, JANZZ solutions are fully compliant with all GDPR requirements and all other privacy and security regulations of the respective markets and countries we operate in. Our solutions also adhere to international standards such as the OECD principles for AI and much more. Package solutions are only offered in a strictly regulated ISO 27001 environment.

All JANZZ applications and especially the adaptive white label system are optimized for the use of mobile/small screen devices. They exceed all requirements in terms of accessibility and responsiveness. For instance, they are fully compatible with WCAG 2.1, level AA+ and P028, the most rigid accessibility requirements of the Swiss government.

Public Employment Services and Similarity Assessment Through JANZZ Technologies

JANZZon!, the heart of our technologies

Any AI matching is only as good as the underlying data – the knowledge representation used in the process. Smart underlying data creates smart and accurate matches. Thus, at the heart of our technologies is our ontology JANZZon!. This is the worldwide largest multilingual encyclopedic knowledge database in the area of occupation data currently available (i.e. jobs, job classifications, hard and soft skills, training/qualifications, education, authorizations and certifications etc.).

In addition to over 60 languages, both data-driven and expert consultation taxonomies are integrated into JANZZon!. Amongst 160 others, it covers comprehensive systems like O*NET, ESCO, ISCO-08, KldB 2020, JSOC, NOC-2016, NOC-2021, SSOC, NAICS, MUPCS, EEO-1, LinkedIn skills, etc., as well as numerous corporate-specific taxonomies and vocabularies. The occupation data is updated daily from various sources, mainly real market data, and curated by our qualified and experienced multilingual subject matter experts. Thanks to its extremely large number of poly-directional concepts, JANZZon! can generate unique conceptual relationships and facilitates previously unknown intelligent possibilities.

For PES customers we extend our ontology to cover localized information including cultural and linguistic variations, as well as localized information on the educational landscape. In addition, we provide the customer with JANZZexplorer!, an ontology maintenance and QA tool. With this tool the customer can view and comment all concepts and relations of the ontology and request changes or additions.

Buy or Build?

Ontologies – outdated or continually updated

A recurring and important question is whether it is better to develop and maintain your own ontology or to purchase one. In recent years, a vast number of often very expensive failed digital projects have emerged in the area of occupation data. In most cases, ontologies are already outdated on the day of purchase. This is particularly true in the extremely heterogeneous and dynamic fields of occupation data. Moreover, most solutions are not suitable for modern applications such as skills or job matching.

In almost all cases, the facts thus invariably argue in favor of a solution such as JANZZon!: a secure, sustainable and cost-efficient cloud solution that provides the wisdom of crowds from the large collective of JANZZon! users in different languages, sectors and specialist areas as well as from the ongoing enhancements and updates they make. In addition, we continually enrich our ontology with updates and upgrades using of a unique combination of the Mechanical Turk method and contemporary machine-learning approaches. You can benefit from all this without having to provide the necessary extensive resources. And with clearly structured price plans tailored to the volume and scope of your usage.

Comprehensive solutions – patchwork approach or robust and fast to market

More generally, the temptation can be great to build at least part of the solution using in-house development resources. Such an approach can certainly be advantageous for some PES. For others this comes with risks and unforeseen costs. With the rapid progress of digitalization, the demands and expectations placed on such solutions have risen sharply: consistent processes, intelligent matching, comprehensive data and labor market analyses, simple parsing and classification options and much more.

Developing and successfully launching robust and high-performance solutions like this is complex and time-consuming. The necessary processes and development can take several years and are costly, especially for smaller PES. Using proven, scalable solutions with state-of-the-art modular components, this process can be accelerated, simplified and cost-effectively implemented for any PES. At the same time offering stability, reliability and efficiency for the operating procedures and subsequent maintenance. already provides the ideal solution: an adaptable platform incorporating all necessary features that can be tailored to the individual needs of any PES, even those with a smaller budget. Our solutions have been thoroughly tested and built with the know-how of many PES around the globe. They are fully compliant with all GDPR requirements, as well as all other privacy and security regulations of the respective markets and countries we operate in. In addition, they are available in multiple languages, with ISCO-08, ESCO and all country-specific classifications as well as all required design, process and color combinations.

Fast to market

Developing and successfully launching robust and high-performance solutions that satisfy the increasingly high demands and expectations is complex and time-consuming. Particularly when organizations attempt to implement a solution where newly purchased components are integrated into existing internal ones, the necessary processes and development can take several years and are costly, especially for smaller PES. For each component of the platform, suppliers must be identified and evaluated, usually through public tendering procedures. In-house solutions must be revised or even developed from scratch. On-premise setups need to be installed, monitored and maintained, and often require upgrading in-house IT infrastructure and expertise. In addition, these “patchwork systems” cannot be tested until shortly before launch. Apart from potentially causing delays, this can compromise stability, reliability and efficiency.

Our cloud-based software solutions for Public Employment Services require no on-premise setup or installation. Thanks to this, combined with our extensive and proven know-how as well as the easily adaptable structures, UI and the currently most powerful, semantic technical components etc., project duration until launch can be reduced to around 180 days. This guarantees budget and project security and a very, very short time until the first jobseeker can be placed through the new system.

High performance, low maintenance

JANZZ offers its package solutions primarily as SaaS/DaaS in a strictly regulated, ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant private cloud environment with zero installation time. In recent years, operation via SaaS/DaaS has proven more cost-effective, stable, better performing, more secure and less prone to errors than on-premise operation by the customers themselves. Apart from potentially time-consuming installation, an on-premise setup requires in-house expertise to operate our highly complex solutions. The infrastructure must be renewed and monitored frequently (including redundant system environments, off-site backups, disaster recovery procedures, etc.). With limited technical resources and budget, this can become an issue, especially for smaller PES.

In comparison to a full-cost calculation with on-premise solutions, our SaaS/DaaS solutions are around 40% cheaper over a contract period of 5 years. They also exhibit up to 82% better results in terms of downtime or technical malfunctions. Moreover, since 2010, with millions of transactions, profiles and job searches in many countries, JANZZ has not suffered a single data loss, system break or other security related attacks.

High quality consulting services

JANZZ provides excellent consulting services related to occupational data, labor markets, vocational training and qualifications. We support our customers in meeting their individual needs and requirements relating to a wide range of topics. From structuring and evaluating data through semantic job matching to modelling, structuring, maintaining or integrating private, highly specific ontologies, taxonomies and thesauri, we aim to make background and contextual knowledge machine processable. We show what the advantages of applying semantic technologies are and provide answers to key questions, for example in detailed system audits. Through our experience and consulting services, you will learn how to fully exploit the potential of your existing occupation data and applications.

On time and on budget

JANZZ supports customers during the process of defining specifications and requirement catalogues with all its experience and knowledge to ensure that the developed objectives are achievable. This procedure is highly cost-efficient in the long run. Since PES typically only implement this type of project once every few years, they can benefit substantially from the experience and knowledge of an expert partner, including in-depth expertise in the application of their technologies. Our active involvement in defining goals and processes also helps PES to adopt best practices from comparable projects. Combined with agile methods, this has led time and again to outstanding final products that exceed their KPIs and specified requirements many times over – developed on time and on budget.

Successful change

The installation of artificial intelligence in any environment requires a digital transformation and close cooperation between customer and provider. Therefore, as a standard service during the implementation period – no matter how short that is – JANZZ offers both technical and change management consulting. This includes support and in-depth training of project leaders to create a sustainable source of knowledge and capacity within the PES’s organization.

Multiple endorsements

JANZZ has also been endorsed by large drivers in the PES market like World Bank, IDB and ILO. For instance, the IDB views our solutions as groundbreaking and best practice in AI for the public sector. In addition to these organizations, we also collaborate with integrators across the globe. stands for a completely new dimension of technological progress that will set worldwide standards for labor markets and AI. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the perfect match, would you?

Contact us at to find out more about how we can boost your PES into the future of workforce management. Or to locate a JANZZ integrator near you.