Expert advice on data structuring, ontologies and semantic matching offers consulting services in the specialist field of ontologies and semantic matching such as:

  • Design and concept development, as well as the structuring and modelling of ontologies / knowledge graphs
  • Structuring and mapping of complex, multilingual data in the field of job descriptions and skills
  • Implementation of semantic matching
  • Etc. uses semantic technologies to optimize selection and recruitment processes, thereby substantially boosting the efficiency of previous matching results. At the same time, an extended and improved use of databases, taxonomies and existing ontologies with job-related content is facilitated. Classification standards already used by existing databases are included in order to ensure that proper account is taken of broader contexts. The technology matches unbiased. can provide you with expert advice on:

  • Searching and determining optimum data sources and classification systems, including data architecture
  • Selecting possible uses for semantic technologies and applications
  • Determining the ROI of semantic technologies
  • Using semantic matching to optimize databases of job descriptions and skills
  • Modelling knowledge within the context of occupations and skills profiles
  • Critically observing and assessing existing data (incl. analysis of how suited the data is in terms of matching) in the fields of occupations, skills and qualifications
  • Evaluating and analyzing existing taxonomies and modelling ontologies / knowledge graphs
  • Developing individual modelling processes using a variety of tools such as Protégé, semafora OntoStudio, SKOS Editor or TopBraid Composer

In addition to providing consulting services and instruction in conjunction with data integration projects and applications with semantic matching, also offers ongoing support and consulting services throughout longer-term and more complex projects. Furthermore, services relating to the evaluation of client data and consulting in conjunction with further questions in the field of data on job descriptions, qualification and skills are also offered.

Ontologies and semantic matching: build or buy?

A typical use case:

A recurring and important question in the area of data and ontologies is whether it is better to develop and maintain your own ontology/knowledge graph or whether it makes sense to purchase one at some point or use one (e.g. in the form of a DaaS solution). This question is particularly relevant to those companies which have already attempted to develop their own knowledge graph, but which, due to a shortage of internal specialist knowledge, are no longer able to develop it further or, for example, are unable to maintain it as a result of insufficient resources and/or financial means. In recent years, hundreds of thousands of often very expensive digital graveyards have emerged. The team of can advise you on your evaluations, and can provide specialist support and give you detailed recommendations as to which solution will make sense in which situations, and how such solutions can be best maintained and financed in the long term.

Contact the team of via email or via our contact form for your enquiries in the fields of data structuring, knowledge graphs and semantic matching, whether for a non-binding offer for our consulting services or if you would like to receive further information about our products and already implemented solutions.