The first port of call for unstructured HR data.

On the web you will find a lot of interesting information, coming from various tech providers and software companies about the capabilities and outstanding performances of their parsers. This information is primarily marketing only. Each provider claims their solution is the best and the fastest, makes the least mistakes and deviations and is available in the most languages. Usually, these claims are even underlined by some impressive results and bold percentages. The best thing to do, is not to believe everything you read. Instead, inform yourself about the real far-reaching possibilities of JANZZparser! by watching our demo. Seeing is believing…

JANZZparser! is a semantic extraction tool and the best choice for organizing unstructured HR data. It extracts all relevant data points from huge, unstructured data, such as job advertisements or CVs/resumes, and sorts the data into relevant categories that can then be used for matching, HR analysis, classification and other useful processing.

JANZZon!’s extensive knowledge database is the perfect basis for precise and accurate parsing. The knowledge of professions and skills stored in the world’s largest multilingual ontology of occupation-related data, allows for textual identification and parsing of all labor market related terms. JANZZparser! follows the OECD Principles on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The graph below illustrates the architecture of JANZZparser!, which combines JANZZon! with cutting-edge Deep Learning models.

JANZZ.technology offers both a job advertisement parser and a CV/resume parser. JANZZparser! is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to organize large amounts of unstructured occupation‑related data. JANZZparser! can successfully identify the following categories within your text:

In Job Advertisements
OccupationPlace of work (GPE)
FunctionType of contract
Soft skillsAuthorization
EducationWorking condition
CompaniesNumber of vacancies
Social tags
In CVs / Resumes
SpecializationPlace of work (GPE)
SkillsType of contract
Soft skillsAvailability
Working conditionIndustry
GenderMarital status
Social tagsReferences
Work permitPublications

JANZZparser! also recognizes information that is often not explicitly named in the text, such as language skills. Our parser supports 40 languages and is available as a fully GDPR-compliant, ultra-safe ISO 27001 certified cloud service. It can recognize every common job advertisement, CV and resume format, including doc, docx, pdf, html, xhtml, rtf, json, txt and more.

Why JANZZparser! is the ideal tool for you:

Semantic capability powered by JANZZon!

JANZZon! the world’s largest multilingual ontology of occupation-related data, serves as the extensive knowledge base which enhances precise and accurate parsing results.


Our customers include global enterprises and public employment services which constantly use our services on a large scale. Our machine learning algorithm uses the huge amounts of user data for self-improvement


We offer a robust, cost effective, efficient and reliable way to organize your unstructured occupation data, via JANZZjobsAPI.


Driven by the semantic engine, JANZZ.parser! can largely increase the accuracy of our results. Additionally, our data analysts make corrections and progress on a daily basis, using real-time data.


Our services are fully compliant with GDPR and ISO27001. Unlike public clouds, such as AWS, Google or Azure, the private cloud hosted by JANZZ.technology secures your data and privacy at the highest available Level.

Easy integration

Easily integrable with the most frequently used recruitment CRMs, ATS and job portals on the market.