Leader in semantic skills and job matching technologies.

JANZZ.technology is a technology and consulting company active in semantic skills and job matching, solutions and applications for the use of complex occupation and skills data, and the development and marketing of economically sustainable projects.

How we started

JANZZ.technology was originally founded in Zurich in 2008. It is a genuine Swiss company that since the start has been operated by serious investors and experienced personalities from the fields of information and communications technology, human resources, jurisprudence, marketing and business development. The goals of JANZZ.technology are clear: in addition to viable and sustainable business development, the company is strongly focused on ensuring that its products and solutions offer real economic and social benefit. Everyone should be able to benefit from JANZZ.technology, not only in Switzerland, but worldwide.

JANZZ.technology launched its first product at the end of 2010: JANZZ.jobs, an innovative employment matching platform designed to reinvigorate labor and job markets, considerably improve on the systems previously used in portals of this kind, and optimize the operations of public employment services. From the outset, the so-called Mechanical Turk method was used to develop key technologies, especially JANZZon! Even today, in some areas of ongoing development the method replaces machine learning where the latter is insufficient by JANZZ.technology’s standards, as it would be too imprecise, too flawed or too slow. Instead, using the Mechanical Turk method, around 40 ontology curators such as linguists, professional and educational experts, experienced specialists from domains such as medicine, engineering, IT, banking and finance, trade, as well as people knowledgeable of JANZZon!’s languages, industries and occupations are currently working daily at expanding and improving JANZZon! in order to make it even more complete.

Since 2013 three more, powerful SaaS/DaaS B2B and B2G solutions were launched – JANZZon!, JANZZclassifier! and JANZZsme! – together with the simple, secure JANZZjobsAPI interface. These solutions, which are superior to conventional full-text-based technologies and applications, have been used in a variety of combinations and applications for structuring and efficiently and intelligently using the large volumes of data available today relating to professional qualifications and hard and soft skills (known as occupation data), as they increase rapidly in complexity.

Creating change through AI-based solutions and semantic technologies

With its cutting-edge solutions, JANZZ.technology is taking a bold step to advance the new area of cognitive computing in the field of occupations and skills. The era of cognitive computing is characterized by a fundamental shift in how machines interact with us, other machines and the environment. The multilingual knowledge graph, also called ontology, JANZZon! and the smart matching engine JANZZsme! make complex problems such as job and skills matching computable and completely change the way we think and go about job searching. As the applications of JANZZ.technology are structured semantically, that is, occupations, skills and many more concepts are interlinked logically, they can deliver meaningful results for complex searches for job vacancies, employees, freelancers etc. Importantly, these applications constantly learn and therefore become more accurate over time. According to Gartner, the era of cognitive computing, also called the smart machine era will be the most disruptive in the history of IT.

Semantic skills and job matching generates relevant and meaningful results

The use of our technology isn’t about getting rid of humans. It’s about getting rid of mistakes…

The very precise semantic skills and job matching made possible by our intelligent solutions means that people with the hard and soft skills that employers need can now be matched to relevant vacancies and job specifications without bias and with many times greater efficiency and precision than was previously the case. Humans still make the decisions. But they can make better decisions in less time.

Depending on the application, matching can even take place in real time and irrespectively of the language used. This is of major benefit, for example, to:

  • Public employment services
  • Companies/employers
  • Organizations and companies in the field of recruitment
  • Technology and software companies working in the areas of ERP and ATSs
  • Social networks, job portals and aggregators
  • Apprentices/students, employees, freelancers and job seekers
  • Other education and training organizations, associations and authorities; NPOs and NGOs
  • Etc.

Sustainable solutions for businesses and government institutions of all sizes and budgets

All JANZZ.technology solutions are available as standard and white-label products, or as tailored SaaS/DaaS solutions incorporating additional and customizable services in the areas of skills and/or employment matching, semantic search, and the advanced use of job-related data. In this way, JANZZ.technology promotes economically sustainable business processes for projects of all sizes, for government institutions and authorities, international companies, and small and medium enterprises in all industries and sectors.

Contact JANZZ.technology to request a quote, or for more information about our company, about our consulting services, or for an online demo of our products and solutions, by sending an email or submitting an enquiry via our contact form.


Mature, high-performance and scalable products and SaaS/DaaS solutions: JANZZon!, the multilingual ontology of occupation-related data, JANZZparser!, the cutting-edge semantic parsing tool, JANZZsme!, the intelligent, semantic matching engine, JANZZclassifier!, the ultimative, automated classification tool, and JANZZ.jobs, the global matching portal for jobs, skills and talents.

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