Mastering occupation data: with expertise, experience and pioneering technology. has comprehensive expertise in the design, development and operation of state-of-the-art technologies and high-performance semantic skills and job matching solutions in the areas of big (occupation) data, complex ontologies and – often unstructured – multilingual occupation data such as job-market, job and skills data, as well as a range of international classification systems.

In order to handle the high level of complexity and the associated, steadily growing quantities of data in a comprehensive, long-term way and make this data usable, has considered “mastering occupation data” to be both its goal and its claim since day one.

That includes, of course, linking not only this steadily growing quantity of data from a steadily growing number of job platforms, aggregators and social networks, but also the data from a steadily increasing number of CVs, candidate databases and profiles from public employment services in a semantically correct, intelligent and efficient way, thereby allowing for skills and job matching, a service that has been promised by a number of providers for many years, but has not been technically possible until now. This cutting-edge technology is based on a process and structure that resemble human cognitive abilities. The pioneering steps that has taken can therefore be regarded as innovations in cognitive computing.

Our understanding of mastering multilingual occupation data includes to provide the right technologies and knowledge graphs for third parties and to bring them together with their applications and systems. This allows for a permanent change of markets, and for a technically critical step in the area of semantic parsing and multilingual occupation data matching. In our ontology we distinguish a multitude of different data, among others between occupations and professions, hard skills and soft skills, specialization, education,  professional experience, industry knowledge – over 60 languages.

800,000 hours of experience and targeted expertise since 2009

A large part of this expertise is based on our many years of experience and was gained during the approximately 800,000 hours we have invested since 2009 in building up our own, multilingual and comprehensive knowledge graph – JANZZon! – and the necessary technologies for this product.

Thanks to a variety of successfully implemented use cases as well as proofs of concept and various consulting mandates, we were able to put a lot of valuable, real-world experience in ongoing application development to use when creating our JANZZon! ontology and products such as JANZZsme! and JANZZclassifier!.

Over the past few years, this has allowed us to develop not only country-specific structures but also new, superior systems, classifications and technologies, all with the goal of allowing for transparent and understandable comparison, or even automated skills and/or employment matching, of different jobs, profiles, qualifications and areas of expertise across different systems, languages and national borders, as well as the standardization of these kinds of processes.

Alongside a number of qualifications such as ISCO-08 (International Standard Classification of Occupations), O*NETROME  V3DISCO II and most recently ESCO (European Skills/Competences, Qualifications and Occupations ), a new classification that focuses more on skills, competences and qualifications than on job titles, this involves using the necessary expertise to integrate the most important classifications into JANZZon! in order to allow for smooth exchange and quality-assured further development between systems and languages.

The experience that we have gained and all that we have learned thus far has been put to use in our applications and consulting work for private companies, HR organizations as well as potential employers, specialized recruiters, platforms and software providers in the areas of ERP and ATSs and primarily in public employment service projects from around the world. You can find more information about which classification systems and which languages we have already integrated, which ones we are currently working on, and which ones we are planning on integrating over the next two years by clicking on our product offers and JANZZon!.

Mastering multilingual occupation data with superior skills and job matching

Alongside our one-of-a-kind expertise in the fields of ontologies, international job classifications and multilingual occupation data, with JANZZsme!, has developed an innovative, semantic matching tool in order to create useful applications using existing, intelligently structured data, for third parties as well as on our own platform

Today’s online job portals and also all major professional social networks normally rely on specific, often highly restricted classification systems or even on simple string matching, without any semantic intelligence. This comes with the associated inadequacies and sources of errors (e.g. why is an English teacher not the same as a sports teacher or why is a Financial Director not the same as a Creative Director, even though parts of the search or matching terms are identical). For this reason, it is clear that the matching and job suggestions from major platforms, aggregators and networks are still generally inaccurate and are often completely unusable.

Furthermore, nearly all of the systems available today only work in a single language. Today, the exchange of data between portals and other applications is still difficult, and in some cases impossible, especially when you include exchange between job portals and applications such as applicant  tracking or talent management systems (ATSs/TTSs) from other countries or other organizations. This means it is still difficult to find the right jobs or the right potential employees, for example in neighboring countries, countries where other languages are spoken, or on a global level.

JANZZon! and the correct integration of other DaaS/SaaS applications enable a greatly improved, automated exchange of CVs and job openings that can be saved in a number of different systems and applications. The modular solutions that are currently available from allow for a wide range of solutions via the JANZZjobsAPI as well, such as automatic, unbiased comparison of CVs from job seekers with job openings that were written in other languages.

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