Your path to our solutions, tailored to your needs.’s products are intelligent high-tech solutions and distinguish with their unique features in the field of semantic matching and classification.

Our main customers are large companies and governmental organizations. Our intelligent solutions are used in a wide range of possible use cases:

  • Semantic matching in staffing, recruiting, etc.
  • Management and profiling of job-related skills and competences (skills management and profiling, benchmarking, gap analyses, etc.)
  • (Semantic) enrichment of professional and competence related data and information
  • Etc.

License types and pricing factors

We offer yearly or monthly licenses for our solutions. Yearly licenses are worth it, as they are altogether more cost-effective. This makes it all the more rewarding to rely on our products in the long-term. also offers perpetual licenses. These enable you to benefit from our solutions as long as you want. No worries about further payments needed. The licenses can thus be adapted to your situation.

The following factors influence the pricing of your desired solutions:

  • Transaction volume: This determines how many requests you can make to our servers in a specified period of time
  • Whether you would like a cloud solution or are interested in an on-premise solution
  • The desired languages: Would you like to have Latin and/or other scripts? How many languages do you want in total?
  • Your location

Pricing example

Our standard license prices start at 1000 USD per month for minimal testing and development licenses as a cloud-based solution for start-ups. A quotation for such a license looks like the following and is limited in time:

License typeStart-up / test and development license
Transactions per monthUp to 10,000
Availability per dayUp to 99.5%
In Latin script1 language included (1000 USD for each additional language)
In other scripture3000 USD per language
Products (Price per month)
JANZZon! 1500 USD
JANZZclassifier!1000 USD
JANZZsme!1500 USD

Pricing for all other licenses is available on request. If you provide us with precise information about your specific use case, the desired products and languages and the transaction volume via email or contact form, we will be happy to provide you with a price quotation.