Data modelling, indexing and
structuring of occupation data. has the key expertise required by companies, organizations and government institutions (e.g. public employment services), as well as many years of experience in modelling and indexing complex poly-directional data in the fields of job descriptions, skills and qualifications.

Data modelling offers consulting and support services such as:

  • Analysis and evaluation of clients’ in-house data or taxonomies (taxonomy, thesaurus and ontology audits)
  • Modelling of comprehensive knowlegde graphs, thesauri and taxonomies of job-related data
  • Manual modelling, taking account of colloquial designations
  • Experience in using a large number of modelling tools and the most common formats
  • Client-specific modelling (e.g. specific languages) and tailored solutions for taxonomies and ontologies / knowledge graphs of job-related data (on a project basis)

Indexing offers consulting and support services such as:

  • Objective, reproducible and automatic indexing
  • Indexing based on background and contextual knowledge
  • Generation of specific tags
  • Automatic recognition and mapping of existing classification systems
  • Mapping of the languages that are treated as concepts
  • Assessment of the application of languages and terminologies that are actually being used
  • Handling and processing of synonyms, abbreviations, specific specialist terms, etc.

The team of also offers advisory services concerning build or integration of in-house (private) taxonomies and knowledge graphs of job-related data in JANZZon!. Together with you, we are also able to evaluate whether already existing taxonomies can be integrated in JANZZon! within the framework of systematic audits.

Consulting and support services in fields such as semantic indexing are possible subject to a license agreement or on an hourly basis, depending upon the number of documents that are to be drawn up and the necessary background knowledge. Contact the team of via email or via our contact form for a cost estimate or a non-binding offer.