Certainly the right time to invest in JANZZ.technology.

From November 2020 to March 2021, we will be conducting a further financing round. Following on from the successful past rounds, during which we were able to impress distinguished angel investors, we are now inviting predominantly institutional investors, technology funds and venture capital companies to take part in the current Series A round of CHF 4 – 7 million.

Why invest now in JANZZ.technology?

  • Since 2009, we have invested in the intensive and targeted development and implementation of semantic products and solutions, in particular in our unique multilingual job and skills ontology JANZZon!, enabling us to build up in-depth knowledge and a comprehensive set of skills in the field of semantic matching and in relation to the necessary applications and technologies.
  • JANZZon! is the most comprehensive and most intelligent multilingual knowledge database on the topics of jobs, qualifications, as well as hard and soft skills. It therefore represents a unique asset for all stakeholders in the areas of training and recruitment, HCM and their IT applications (e.g. ERP, ATSs) as well as for the field of skills and job matching of public employment services, social networks, job portals and global aggregators.
  • Today, JANZZ.technology has a significant, competitive advantage in the field of semantic solutions in this sector thanks to its already well-developed skills ontology and related technologies. In addition, the short-term and medium-term market prospects in all segments are extremely positive: According to the Gartner Hype Cycle for HRM Tech 2020, skills ontologies are currently in the Innovation Trigger phase and JANZZ.technology was named as a Sample Vendor. In addition, the sector views skills- and job-based matching as being strategically important within its increasingly automated processes, along with the fast-growing complexity and substantial scale of the data volumes (big data).
  • There is a steady rise in interest shown by global corporations, potential partners, public employment services, statistical organizations, technology companies, etc., in our unique semantic solutions and products as well as in the developed technologies.

How will the new financial resources be used?

The financial resources collected during the ongoing Series A round will flow into the following current projects as well as into various further developments:

  • Current operations including the fulfilment of obligations arising out of substantial RFPs and the provision of prototypes and client-specific system and test environments
  • Implementating various corporate and government projects that are currently in the development and sales pipeline
  • Reaching further development stages of JANZZon! and our patent pending matching engine JANZZsme!, including extended functionalities and improved algorithms and precision in the field of semantic skills and employment matching and in the field of unstructured data.
  • Expanding the already available JANZZjobsAPI functions and services
  • Strengthening and expanding the fields of knowledge graph development and ontology support and modelling; addition of further languages and specialist areas, for example Arabic, Chinese, Russian and further European languages, as well as formation of the first private-ontology team
  • Expanding our sales, project management and business development teams as well as research capacities

The market environment is shifting from «build» to «buy»

Not pursuing in-house development and not building up in-house semantic systems, but buying or using suitable and available technologies in a targeted manner, mostly from small yet innovative companies – at present, this strategy appears to be increasingly adopted in the fields of recruitment, HR and public employment services, as well as by global corporations and technology suppliers as well as job portals, social networks and aggregators. There have been many examples of this over the past 24 months. Why?

  • Smaller and innovative companies tend to have more up-to-date knowledge and the appropriate expertise in the relevant specialist areas. In larger companies, expert knowledge, above all in the field of semantics, often has to be built up. This is costly.
  • The establishment, operation and maintenance of comprehensive, multilingual ontologies such as JANZZon! require substantial financial resources, extensive multilingual and intercultural knowledge and one thing above all: a considerable amount of time. By buying suitable technology and/or solutions, a decisive competitive advantage in the relevant market segments can be gained within only a few weeks. In the past, many potential buyers had already launched ambitious in-house projects. However, most of them did not advance beyond the testing phase. They were often discontinued, entailing substantial write-offs and the wasting of even more time.
  • The further development, operation and above all continuous maintenance are long-term and time-consuming processes. On the one hand, these processes are becoming increasingly complex (e.g. for new languages, countries and systems), while on the other they are becoming more demanding, as companies want to be close to the market with such a knowledge graph, and want to ensure that the system is up to date and as comprehensive as possible at all times.
  • An increasing number of market participants recognize the vast potential held by precise and reliable, largely automated, semantic skills and job matching. There are increasing volumes of mostly unstructured data (big data), whether in the form of, for example, CVs, hundreds of millions of profiles on the various social networks or aggregated job offers, which can be pooled and used intelligently and in a language-independent manner only with the appropriate tools and technologies. This exceptional opportunity, and consequently the final displacement of previous keyword-based processes and conventional technologies, should not be missed by anyone. It is safe to assume that these highly radical developments will result in significant market shifts. The first parties to have effective matching technologies and to adopt these for the benefit of clients and users will come to dominate the market.

JANZZ.technology’s strong position is therefore also based on the fact that, in recent years, we have worked hard to achieve advances in semantic skills and employment matching, and that we, in combination with our multilingual job and skills ontology JANZZon!, are probably the only independent provider and disruptor of mature technologies and multilingual solutions. This also means we certainly represent an extraordinary investment.

Key figures, capital structure and
Series A round (November 2020 to March 2021).

Capital structure to date:

Share capital: CHF 10,739,269
Owned by the management: 70%
Previous agios/premiums: CHF 2,066,568
Convertible loan: CHF 355,798

Series A round:

VC Series A round (November 2020 to March 2021) of CHF 4.0 – 7.0 million (common registered/preferred shares: CHF 1.00 nominal) for CHF 4.00 – 4.25 per share.


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