Invest in – now or never.

We have just successfully concluded our Series A round, raising several million dollars from institutional and strategic investors. We will use this fresh influx to invest smartly in growth, as well as strengthening and furthering the development of both our flagship products and new projects targeting a wider market. This round may be closed, but if you want to invest, a new window of opportunity will soon open up for you to hop on the gravy train.

Why invest now in

The short answer is: because we have what everyone wants.

A rising number of market participants recognize the vast potential held by precise and reliable AI-based semantic skills and job matching. There are increasing volumes of mostly unstructured data (big data), whether in the form of CVs and resumes, hundreds of millions of profiles on the various social networks, aggregated job offers and many other datasets, which can be pooled and used intelligently and language-independently – but only with the appropriate tools and technologies. This exceptional opportunity, and consequently the final displacement of previous keyword-based processes and conventional technologies, should not be missed by anyone. It is safe to assume that these highly radical developments will result in significant market shifts. The first parties to have effective matching technologies and to adopt these for the benefit of clients and users will come to dominate the market.

Leading firms and researchers agree that complex AI applications such as ours can only be successful if based on an extensive knowledge graph – or ontology – representing the domain in question (in our case: occupational data) as accurately as possible. The more well-curated information it contains, the better the application’s performance. Thus, the heart of our technologies is our unique multilingual job and skills ontology JANZZon!. In continuous development since 2009, JANZZon! is now the worldwide most comprehensive and most intelligent multilingual knowledge database on the topics of jobs, qualifications, as well as hard and soft skills. thus has a significant, competitive advantage in the field of semantic solutions in this sector: Anyone looking to build a database even remotely comparable to JANZZon! will need to invest years of work and millions of dollars.

In addition, the short-term and medium-term market prospects in all segments are extremely positive: According to the Gartner Hype Cycle for HRM Tech 2020, skills ontologies are currently in the Innovation Trigger phase and was named as a Sample Vendor. The sector views skills- and job-based matching as being strategically important within its increasingly automated processes, along with the fast-growing complexity and substantial scale of the data volumes (big data). Correspondingly, there has been a steady rise in interest shown by public employment services, statistical organizations, technology companies global corporations, potential partners, etc., in our unique semantic solutions and products as well as in the developed technologies: Based on this core technology, we have built highly performant flagship products, primarily as cloud-based SaaS/DaaS offerings. For instance, our semantic skills and job matching engine JANZZsme!, our semantic CV and job ad extraction tool JANZZparser! and our integrated labor market solution JANZZilms!.

How are the new financial resources being used?

The financial resources collected during the Series A round will flow into various further developments as well as current projects:

  • Improving and further developing our flagship products such as JANZZparser!JANZZon!, JANZZilms! and our patented matching engine JANZZsme!, including extended functionalities and additional features as well as improved processes, algorithms and precision. We are also introducing the completely renewed JANZZsme! V3, which, based on new methods, can process even more datasets and much more complex ones in real time.
  • Strengthening and expanding the languages covered by our ontology and associated products and solutions, for example Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Tagalog/Philippine, Maori, Russian, Baltic and Eastern European languages, Hebrew, Greek, etc.
  • Expanding our range of high-value APIs by at least 10 high-performance solutions, including solutions requested by current and potential customers and the provision of all APIs in all 60+ languages covered by our ontology.
  • Creation of new modules and products with highly promising market potential.
  • Implementing several corporate and government projects that are currently in the development and sales pipeline.
  • Expanding our sales, project management and business development teams as well as research capacities.

The market environment has shifted from “build” to “buy”

The majority of stakeholders in the HR tech market have now realized that complex semantic AI systems can only be successful if based on an extensive knowledge graph – or ontology – representing the domain of recruiting and labor intermediation accurately enough. And that building a knowledge database of any useful size incurs massive costs, requiring extensive multilingual and intercultural knowledge and a vast amount of time – which most clients simply no longer have. In addition, developing, operating and above all continuously maintaining semantic systems is a long-term and time-consuming process. To stay competitive, these systems need to be as up to date and as comprehensive as possible. Again, if done in house, this consumes substantial resources which buyers could better invest in their core business. Thus, public and private employment services, global corporations and technology suppliers, as well as job portals, social networks and aggregators have shifted from building in-house semantic systems to buying or using suitable available technologies, primarily from small, innovative companies with more up-to-date knowledge and the appropriate expertise in the relevant specialist areas than larger companies.’s strong position is therefore also based on the fact that, in recent years, we have worked hard and achieved significant advances in semantic skills and job matching, and that we, in combination with our multilingual job and skills ontology JANZZon!, are probably the only independent provider of truly mature technologies and multilingual solutions.

Key figures and capital structure

Capital structure to date:

Share capital: CHF 14,182,268
Owned by the management: 60%
Previous agios/premiums: CHF 3,508,901
Convertible loan: 0

If you don’t want to lose several more years trying to develop a solution yourself but instead want to lead the transformation in your segment, then investing in JANZZ and using our technologies is the way forward. The winner takes it all. And we certainly represent an extraordinary investment.


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