Working life in Switzerland – parallel jobs becoming more common.

Growing numbers of working people in Switzerland hold several jobs at the same time. Such is the finding of the study “Mehrfacherwerbstätigkeit in der Schweiz” (multiple job-holding in Switzerland) by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

In 2009, just under 10% of working women and 5% of working men held two or more jobs simultaneously. For the majority, their second jobs were in sectors outside that of their main occupation. From the beginning of 2011, will offer a revolutionary Web 3.0 platform based on high-quality matchmaking. The platform matches up job offer and request criteria in real time, catering for rising demand to find suitable secondary and/or part-time employment. tracks down and uses specific know-how and skills for all occupations and activities, effectively and efficiently. Thus it brings people and businesses together, for full- or part-time employment or work on specific assignments.

FSO study (available only in German)