Personnel Today: whatchado’s search features now bigger and better! and whatchado enter into a strategic partnership.

In October 2015, the Austrian career orientation platform whatchado entered into a strategic partnership with, the Swiss technology and consulting company for skills and job matching. will now provide semantic enrichment in order to improve and support search results on the web platform Search queries from whatchado users will be sent through an interface to’s product JANZZrestAPI. This will provide whatchado with access to’s entire multilingual ontology, allowing them to enrich their users’ search queries with this database.

Since the end of April 2015, whatchado has been able to offer users who search for career videos an ontology with over 19 million structured terms, including over 100,000 classified careers and activities with specializations and over 160,000 skills. The database provides users with even more comprehensive results such as synonyms for their search terms or a multilingual comparison of their query. This will allow whatchado users in future to find even more specific information about their dream jobs, or make it easier for them to determine which job is actually their true calling. Jubin Honarfar, CEO and co-founder of whatchado, is excited about this strategic partnership. «Through our partnership with, we have found the perfect tool to allow our users to search for careers and jobs with even greater precision and enable them to find which career best fits their interests and requirements.»

The use of synergies also plays a central role in this strategic partnership. CEO and founder of Stefan Winzenried is happy to provide the necessary technology: «In whatchado, we have found a partner that shares our vision. That is why we are motivated to do our part so that people have the opportunity to discover which career best fits their needs and skills. Our technology will allow users to perform even more extensive searches. whatchado is free for users, and we are looking forward to contributing to the continued success of the platform.»

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