JANZZclassifier! The ultimate classification tool for the easy and automated classification of your occupation data.

JANZZclassifier! analyzes complex sets of occupation-related data, such as job title, skills, function or industry, and annotates them with intelligent and standardized meta-data. Over 80 official classification systems, such as O*NET, ISCO-08, BO&C, ASOC or SSOC 2015, and other standardized occupation titles are available. Through its precise classification and standardization, JANZZclassifier! makes your data comparable and thereby creates the ideal starting point for further processes such as benchmarking, matching or statistical analyses.

JANZZclassifier! combines the efforts and strengths of JANZZ.technology’s key technologies: the knowledge about occupations and skills that is stored in the world’s most extensive ontology / knowledge graph of occupation-related data (JANZZon!) and the semantic job matching engine that enables an intelligent matching of structured and unstructured data (JANZZsme!). The perfect interplay of these technologies allows for a precise, semantic and transparent classification of large volumes of data. Importantly, the classification is not only based on a few keywords in your data set but rather on the analysis of multiple dimensions of your data and their relation, for instance industry, job description and function.

JANZZclassifier! is for everyone who has large volumes of (unstandardized) occupation-related data. In particular data such as job titles, hard and soft skills and training/qualifications. JANZZclassifier! thus mainly addresses:

  • Software providers (HR software, ATS’s, HCM software)
  • System integrators
  • International corporations
  • Public offices, in particular public employment services (PES’s)
  • Professional networks

JANZZclassifier! can be used via the standard JANZZjobsAPI. XXXL set-ups and Hadoop/big data integrations are also available as on-premise solutions. Big data volumes – whether structured or unstructured data – can be processed quickly. Finally, the classification process can easily be adapted to individual requirements: over 80 official classification systems are available, among which:

  • O*NET
  • ESCO
  • ISCO-08
  • BO&C
  • ASOC
  • SSOC 2015
  • SSIC

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