“Mismatch” of qualifications poses a great challenge – contemporary solutions with JANZZ.jobs

In its latest study (link in german), the European Central Bank (ECB) concludes that the state of the employment market plays a key role in the well-being of the Euro Zone.

The report states that within the currency union, around 3 million fewer people are presently employed than at the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008. According to the economists of the ECB, it is above all the long-standing “mismatch” between the qualifications required and the qualifications available which poses one of the greatest challenges, for which a solution must be found in order to reduce the current levels of unemployment.

In order to be able to intelligently compare – i.e. successfully match – supply and demand in terms of knowledge, skills, and experience, it is fundamental that all skills are recorded on a central platform and there made available for use. JANZZ.jobs makes this possible for the first time ever. This Web-3.0 platform operated by 4uGroup AG is based on the assumption that there is an application for every skill in this world. JANZZ.jobs provides an online platform which is capable not only of recording any skill, but also “understanding” that skill and matching it in a relevant manner. Employees can use JANZZ.jobs to see whether the skills, capabilities, and experience they possess are also needed at a different location, by a different employer, or by a private person; for example, in care provision for the elderly, childcare, for occasional gardening services, etc. Employers can in turn use JANZZ.jobs to see where and when exactly the skills they require are available – whether on the basis of a retainer, for short-term employment, a project, or part-time or full-time work.

In this manner, JANZZ.jobs quickly and reliably brings together exactly the right match of people, jobs, perspectives, and companies across different languages and cultures – anonymously, securely, and in real time.