JANZZparser! The first port of call for unstructured HR data.

JANZZparser! is a semantic extraction tool and the first choice for unstructured HR data. It extracts all relevant data points from huge, unstructured data such as job advertisement or CV and sorts the data into relevant categories that can then be used for matching, HR analysis, classification and other useful processing.

JANZZon!‘s extensive knowledge database is the perfect basis for precise and accurate parsing. The knowledge of professions and skills stored in the world’s largest multilingual ontology of occupation-related data allows to textually identify and parse all labour market related terms.

JANZZ.technology offers the following customized to your needs variations:

  • Job advertisement parser
  • CV parser

JANZZparser! is the perfect tool for everyone having large amounts of unstructured occupation‑related data. JANZZparser! recognizes the following occupation-related information in your text:

  • Functions
  • Occupations
  • Specializations
  • Experience
  • Languages
  • Skills
  • Soft skills
  • Education

It also recognizes information that is often not explicitly named in the text, such as languages. JANZZparser! is available as GDPR-compliant cloud service.

For this reason, JANZZparser! is ideally suited for:

  • Job portals
  • Software providers (HR software, ATS’s, HCM software)
  • International corporations
  • System integrators
  • Professional Networks
  • Public offices, in particular public employment services (PES’s)

For a demo of JANZZZparser! please contact us directly via email: info@janzz.technology