JANZZ.technology and WCC Group enter into strategic partnership.

As of April 2015, the Dutch software company WCC Smart Search & Match has entered into a comprehensive strategic partnership with JANZZ.technology, the Swiss technology and consulting company for skills and job matching. The main objectives of this partnership are to increase collaboration on future large-scale and complex projects, to combine knowledge and experience, and to incorporate both companies’ comprehensive know-how regarding challenging global, multilingual projects in the public employment services (PES), staffing, corporate HR and other relevant job matching areas. For example, the comprehensive ontology JANZZon!, which already contains around 20 million terms from the occupation data area, is set to support and augment WCC’s proven and successful ELISE software platform, allowing new multilingual functionalities with even greater accuracy in search and match.

The resulting synergies will benefit the many renowned clients and global organizations of WCC and JANZZ.technology in the future, extending their advantage still further in the areas of automatic classification, multilingual and semantic ontologies, complex and tailored matching algorithms and the processing of big occupation data.

Information about WCC Group

WCC Smart Search & Match is world’s leading supplier of search and match software solutions and services. WCC focuses on two specific solution areas: employment matching and identity matching. Its ELISE software platform excels in these areas because it uses a unique way of searching and matching data, providing more meaningful results. ELISE is designed to search through vast amounts of data from various sources and give meaningful results in a matter of seconds. It will search and match data in almost any form, be it exact or inexact, structured or unstructured, private or public, and combine multiple modalities (biographic or biometric). WCC’s primary customers are large government organizations and large companies worldwide. The company is headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands and has offices in the USA and the Middle East.


Information about JANZZ.technology

JANZZ.technology is a technology and consulting company active in the field of semantic skills and job matching, and in the use of complex occupation and skills data. It offers standard and white-label products and SaaS solutions for the modelling, analysis and use of big data on job portals, by public employment services, and on companies’ own job sites. Using the latest semantic technologies to precisely match qualifications and hard and soft skills across different languages, it considerably alleviates the matching problems associated with asymmetric search mechanisms in job markets.



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