JANZZ.technology is developing the first digital public employment platform in South America

JANZZ.technology has landed a contract for the first digital public employment platform in South America with Paraguay.

The InterAmerican Bank of Development (IBD), collaborating with the local government, is betting on the digitalization of the recruitment process in Paraguay through JANZZ.technology.

According to the ministry of labor, Mr. Guillermo Sosa, this software will bring transparency and efficiency to the recruitment processes, in which a job seeker can now drop his paper CV and access the system to create a digital profile.

The platform called ParaEmpleo.gov.com.py helps candidates and companies to enrich CVs and job descriptions for all players in the labor market. Privat companies, job aggregators, self-service users and non-digital users, all together will profit from the software and matching engine that create relevant job matches amongst different occupations despite the use of business argot, acronyms, etc.

JANZZ.technology is carrying on with the final adaptations for the Paraguayan labor market to deploy the first draft of the platform and run the first test at the end of the month.

Mr Sosa remarked that the result from this process will be:

In the first place, provide relevant employment opportunities that can fulfill both the employer’s and the candidate’s expectations. Secondly, it will help both parties to understand the existing gaps, promoting better education adjustments on the government side and help land the employer’s expectations about the current reality of the labor market.

Here you can listen to the whole interview in spanish:

Radio970am: Guillermo Sosa, Rubén Bogado y David Velázquez

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