Berita Pasar Tenaga Kerja Global: Meskipun terjadi pemulihan lowongan kerja yang signifikan, pengangguran jangka panjang tetap ada

Sebuah analisis baru tentang lowongan pekerjaan online dari Inggris menegaskan bahwa telah terjadi pemulihan yang kuat pada tingkat lowongan pekerjaan pada musim panas ini, jauh di atas periode yang sama dua tahun lalu. Data yang berasal dari salah satu mesin pencari kerja online terbesar di Inggris ini menunjukkan:

  • Lowongan kerja baru terutama di bidang IT, konstruksi, perdagangan atau pergudangan dan logistik dengan total 330.000 lowongan, hampir sepertiga dari seluruh lowongan.
  • The numbers of vacancies in healthcare, nursing and social work are reaching 130,000.
  • The numbers of vacancies in both sales and hospitality are nearly 75,000.

Despite the increasing job advertisements, what raised more concerns, however, is that the unemployment rate remains high. The long-term unemployment rate keeps rising at the fastest rate in a decade and the unemployment claims are still double the size compared to the time before the pandemic.

Not only in the UK, the same trend can also be seen in many other rich economies. A report released by the OECD in July warned that rich countries may face sustained growth in long-term unemployment. Their data shows, by the end of 2020, the number of people in OECD countries who have been unemployed for more than six months is 60% higher than the pre-pandemic level. This is because the low-skilled workers who are most likely to lose their jobs in the early stages of the crisis do not have the skills needed to enter the most extensively recruited industries.

To deal with the situation, governments are suggested to develop more targeted employment retention programs to ensure that they do not support businesses that are unlikely to survive in the open market. Meanwhile, they should better cooperate with employers to support reskilling and job matching.