1,000,000 CVs wanted

Are you trying to write the best CV to impress recruiters and get your dream job? Do you know that, on average, each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes and you will only have a 2% chance to be interviewed for your dream job? Yes, 2%. Now you may wonder how recruiters pick the 2%. Well, most of them use talent-management software to screen CVs, weeding out up to 50% of resumes, which have never been looked at. Ouch, yep, this might include yours and that is why you always receive a standard rejection-but-thank-you email afterwards.

At JANZZ.technology, we are building an alternative solution which allows each resume to be evaluated by artificial intelligence and, most importantly, each applicant will receive feedback from the system elaborating on their missing skills (why you were not hired) and possible suggestions for further education (how you can improve your chances) in order to secure a similar job in the future.

For this purpose, we are asking you to help us improve our machine learning algorithm. Here is how you can contribute to creating the human element in AI systems:

  • Send your CV to info@janzz.technology. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can delete your personal information.
  • Language: we are looking for resumes in French, Italian, English, German, Greek, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, other languages used in the EU, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese and Arabic.
  • Format: Any. From the standard 2 pages word doc. to the most creative and innovative ones.
  • We promise not to spam you or use your CV for any other purpose other than machine training. We will also delete your CV after it has served its purpose.

Please help us to share the message and we will keep you updated with the latest number of resumes we received.

ParaEmpleo identified as a best practice in the field of AI in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) plays a key role in driving the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) as a tool to address social challenges. Working together with regional experts, the IDB designed the fAIr LAC initiative to promote responsible adoption of AI, thereby improving the delivery of government services such as Public Employment Services (PES) and creating development opportunities in the region. The fAIr LAC initiative aims to close gaps and reduce the growing social inequality in LAC.

As one of the first steps of this initiative, the IDB recently conducted a preliminary analysis of the progress made by countries in LAC regarding the use of AI in social services. The report Artificial Intelligence for Social Good in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Regional Landscape and 12 Country Snapshots introduced the best practices in the field of AI in the region. JANZZ.technology is delighted to share that its project ParaEmpleo – a job matching solution realized in collaboration with Paraguay’s Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security – is one of them. JANZZ.technology is keen to continue contributing to projects that use AI for social good and adopt ethical and responsible principles, thus generating better social services in more regions.

Click here to download the full report.

JANZZ.jobs, a white-label solution with anonymized application procedures

Reports [1],[2] have shown that an anonymized procedure at the very beginning of the application process can largely reduce bias and significantly improve equal opportunities. Here at JANZZ.technology, we have been building the architecture of our solutions around the anonymized process since 2010. JANZZ.jobs is a white-label solution designed to avoid bias during the first steps of the application process by concealing users’ personal data. Two profiles are created to separate personal information and job-related information. The job-related profile contains all information that is relevant to the matching process such as occupation, skills, soft skills, education, experience, availability, salary and so on. This profile is accessible from the start. The personal profile containing information such as name, gender, nationality, date of birth, marital status, portrait picture etc. is only shared upon user approval and is not used for job matching.

In addition to this anonymized procedure, JANZZ.jobs’ unique semantic matching engine, powered by JANZZ’ key technologies, searches and matches jobs and candidates based on the similarity of terms, i.e. synonyms and other relations – as opposed to mere keyword comparison. It also compares the degree of skills, identifies cryptic occupational terms through context, performs gap analyses and more. (To learn about semantic matching please check out our previous article JANZZ.technology – providing semantic technologies powered by ontology)

This white-label solution is currently serving several Public Employment Services (PES) across the globe. Our customers choose JANZZ.jobs because

  • the platform is scalable with state-of-the-art modular components which can meet the varied requirements of PES of all sizes,
  • the process to establish such a platform is fast, easy and cost-effective, and it is especially an ideal solution for PES that need to build from scratch,
  • the solution has been tested and built with years of experience from many other customer PES around the world, and it has proved to be stable, reliable and efficient,
  • the SaaS solution JANZZ.jobs saves PES from running a designated IT department. Instead, they can trust the professional team at JANZZ to manage the databases and can automatically benefit from the JANZZ.technology updates and upgrades.

User story: How a country in Central America built its job-search system in no time

Due to adverse economic environment our customer, a country in Central America, is struggling with increasing unemployment rates – especially among the youth. We collaborated on a local project designed to strengthen the country’s private Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system and to equip the local youth with the skills they need to successfully enter the labor market. Our mission was to create a modern platform that pools all the talent and work opportunities of the country and successfully matches people and jobs.

In just 90 days, the JANZZ.jobs platform was implemented as a white-label product and is now operated as a SaaS solution to help our customer

  • implement a job-matching platform from scratch in a fast and cost-effective way,
  • boost its economy and strengthen its society by providing higher visibility and better matching for the country’s talents and jobs,
  • assist local educational institutions investigating and comparing labor market demand with graduate profiles to better align their curricula with market needs,
  • provide access to information on local TVET centers, training and scholarships, tips for interviews and CVs etc. to improve users’ chances in the labor market,
  • introduce an anonymized application matching system to improve equal opportunities for its citizens when applying for jobs.


Like PES, many small to medium sized recruiting agencies are faced with tight resources and the need for an automated solution to perform superior candidate search and matching in order to focus more on a small pool of candidates qualified for the vacancies. Therefore, we also receive requests from recruiting agencies. These agencies are the leading recruiting firms in specific branches, specialized in C-level positions for global clients. With JANZZ’s innovative technology and fully customizable solutions JANZZ.jobs can be tailored to the specific needs of small to medium sized recruiting agencies and help them take their business to the next level. They will benefit from

  • being fast to market by launching a modern and powerful platform to boost the business,
  • fully personalized brand experience with business logos, colors and email templates,
  • traffic-based cost generator to maximize revenue,
  • real-time job matching in over 40 languages, and much more.


User Story: Recruiting agency in healthcare, medtech and pharmaceuticals looks for solutions to better support its clients

One of our customers is a recruiting agency specialized in the life science and healthcare sector in Europe. It consists of a small team with less than 10 people. Typically, the talent acquisition managers spend 50% of their already limited time on searching and analyzing CVs. They feel they could deliver more suitable candidates to their clients by reallocating some of this time to conducting in-depth interviews with a smaller number of qualified candidates. For this reason, our customer was interested in a recruiting platform to locate appropriate skilled personnel quickly and efficiently.

By using JANZZ.jobs, our customer has sustainably reduced the processing time of their acquisition managers. Meanwhile, thanks to the anonymized procedure, which largely protects the privacy of their clients, the quality of suitable applications has increased through

  • significantly more precise, multilingual skills matching between applicants and vacancies in comparison with traditional job platforms,
  • increased transparency for all applicants as to why an application has been rejected,
  • improved skills-based active sourcing; vacancies are only visible and open to contact for suitable candidates.


To learn more about JANZZ’s anonymized procedures and building your branded hiring solutions, please contact sales@janzz.technology



[1] Ines Böschen, Dr.Ramona Alt, Annabelle Krause, Dr. Ulf Rinne and Prof. Dr. Klaus F. Zimmermann. 2012. Pilot project ‘Depersonalised application procedures’. URL: https://www.antidiskriminierungsstelle.de/SharedDocs/Downloads/DE/publikationen/AnonymBewerbung/Kurzfassung-Abschlussbericht-anonym-kurz_englisch.pdf?__blob=publicationFile&v=4

[2] Eva Heinimann and Ralf Margreiter. 2008. Anonyme Bewerbung: Ein Zürcher Pilotprojekt für mehr Chancengleichheit und innovative Lehrlingsselektion. URL: https://www.panorama.ch/pdf/bba4814b.pdf