1,000,000 CVs wanted

Are you trying to write the best CV to impress recruiters and get your dream job? Do you know that, on average, each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes and you will only have a 2% chance to be interviewed for your dream job? Yes, 2%. Now you may wonder how recruiters pick the 2%. Well, most of them use talent-management software to screen CVs, weeding out up to 50% of resumes, which have never been looked at. Ouch, yep, this might include yours and that is why you always receive a standard rejection-but-thank-you email afterwards.

At JANZZ.technology, we are building an alternative solution which allows each resume to be evaluated by artificial intelligence and, most importantly, each applicant will receive feedback from the system elaborating on their missing skills (why you were not hired) and possible suggestions for further education (how you can improve your chances) in order to secure a similar job in the future.

For this purpose, we are asking you to help us improve our machine learning algorithm. Here is how you can contribute to creating the human element in AI systems:

  • Send your CV to info@janzz.technology. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can delete your personal information.
  • Language: we are looking for resumes in French, Italian, English, German, Greek, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, other languages used in the EU, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese and Arabic.
  • Format: Any. From the standard 2 pages word doc. to the most creative and innovative ones.
  • We promise not to spam you or use your CV for any other purpose other than machine training. We will also delete your CV after it has served its purpose.

Please help us to share the message and we will keep you updated with the latest number of resumes we received.